Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Team Pink Eye Week Four WINNERS and Total to Date

The Team Pink Eye Project has now ended its active phase. Our goal was to raise $1,000 for Susan G Komen Passionately Pink for the Cure. We are humbled to announce that our total to date is $1,424.95! We not only reached our goal, we surpassed it, and we still have donations coming in the next couple of weeks from the products sold and the possible matching donation from Frances’ company. None of this would have been possible without everyone’s participation, from bloggers to shops to donators and words cannot express how incredibly honored we are to have been in your presence this past month.

In undertaking this project we ran into bumps, ranging from illness to job changes to other personal matters. It has been a huge learning experience for us and we thank you for working with us while we haphazardly hammered it out. It has been nothing short of amazing.
In terms of the donations the list is visible on the Passionately Pink site and each and every one is incredibly important, but we would be remiss if we did not mention one in particular. On the very last day as we were winding down and it looked like the goal would slip through our fingers a $500 donation from Beauty From the Earth Cosmetics came through. BFTE had only heard of the project that very day. We were absolutely overwhelmed by this and wanted to give a special thanks to BFTE for helping us to reach and surpass the goal. The donation was made in honor of/in memory of all BFTE customers and their family members who have had breast cancer.
There were two other notes left with donations as well and we’d very much like to share them with you now.
In memory of the Hayes family women who have passed on, and in honor of their husbands and children who keep on fighting.

For my Aunt Helen
We have received many messages of support from those that could not donate. To those, and to anyone reading, we say this: The best donation you can give is a few minutes of your time each month to do your breast exam. Until there is a cure the best defense is a good offense. Know your body. Check for irregularities. If you are unsure how ask your doctor. If you find anything get it checked immediately. If even one person (male or female) does their exam because of this project then we did what we set out to do.
And now, a last look at our participants for Week Four and the winners list:
 Cupcake's Quirky Corner Silk Naturals Giveaway: Peppy

g l o s t i x Unique Pigments Giveaway: Cynthia Richardson

Gothique Going Grey Giveaway: Shattered Shards

It's French For Staircase Wit  Chequered Lily Giveaway: Grey

Lacquered, Painted, Polished  Cinnamon Cosmetics Giveaway: Mary Beth
Lipsticks and Lightsabers

My Socks Are Better Than Your Socks

Phyrra Linnaeus Giveaway: Zillah

Silhouette Screams

Utopista Beauty Blog Darling Girl Giveaway: galgotspirit

Congratulations to all the winners! Look for an email shortly.
We will update again once we have a final total. This has been an experience we will never forget and you all have our unending gratitude.
Thank you all so much for your support and remember to do your monthly exams
Team Pink Eye
Rebecca and Frances


  1. Yay! Congratulations on reaching the target! And well done to everyone else who got involved. :D
    Hopefully people will continue to donate and I will too (especially since I couldn't afford to this month but participated instead).

  2. Congrats to all the winners! Also congrats to all of Team Pink Eye for reaching and surpassing the goal; from Rebecca and Frances to all the bloggers, shop owners and to all those who donated. I am so proud an honored to have been a part of such an amazing team of people.

  3. It's amazing what we can do when we take a little time, and the influence we have to raise awareness just by doing what we love! Congratulations TPE- this was such a wonderful undertaking, and I hope to be part again next year! xoxo

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